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Changing images

Changing the Images and Links from outside
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Sometimes i see an image that says "this image has been moved or deleted", so the original image isn't available anymore. That's how i figured out that an image can be replaced without changing the URL.

This means, you can post the image on several boards and change the content/message of this image from the outside. You can even link these images and redirect it later to a new URL.

My idea is an website where you can make TEXT to IMAGE or combine TEXT and IMAGE. You can create a post and copy-&-past the script on countless message boards and change it afterwards.

This site should offer the most useful icons/images/frames(for the text), so that the user doens't really need to upload own images.

You could add to the normal post for example 10 images below each other (all 1x1 pixel, invisible, and every second image is linked) Post it somewhere, but you won't see these images yet because they are so small. Now you want to add some additional informations, You replace the 1x1 images with real ones. So when an user on a message board reloads the page he will see now the new images/information.

Even Links can change and redirect to a new site There are some services called URL-Shortener, who shorten long URLs. some even offer to change the URL of the redirected site.

Example: A musician creates a newsletter, the links are posted on several (fan)boards. The artist announces the he plans to tour and a linked icon for tickets is to see.

A week later the musician changes the images and he announces that he has a new song. The ticket-icon is replaced by the buy-icon and the link leads to the site where you can buy the song

You could even use unused/empty images for ads.

so what do you think about this idea?

Frank-h, Nov 19 2011


       OK, so you change the target of the link. Cool. Except - not so.   

       Say you find something really interesting on the Internet. You copy the URL into an email, and send to your mom.   

       Sometime later, your mom opens the email, and clicks on the link - and voila, it's something very different from what you intended to send her. (It's probably now "Follow this 1 weird old tip to reduce belly fat". Or porn. Depending on how long it is before she opens the email.)
lurch, Nov 20 2011

       If you've got a fat mom who like porn, this could work well.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 20 2011

       at lurch: You could just add a sign to the image to show that it is a changing image.   

       I'm aware that this idea could produce a lot of spam, but there are ways to avoid that.
Frank-h, Nov 20 2011

       Pretty well already in place I think.
FlyingToaster, Nov 20 2011


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