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decorative animated paypal gifs

just the faintest hint of an actual invention Paypal buttons that have a shimmery reflective water area as well as rotating words of wisdom attract donors to donate at creative sites
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Paypal buttons what if they could bring online creators 20 or 30 pt more donations

You've seen them, and, further I've even used them to donate to various artists n authors on the web

I think that a paypal button with a shimmery water reflection like I think I saw on an ipod screen would attract the eye with minimal annoyance as the "tasteful version"

moving the liveliness factor up a little a paypal button that is the clickable center of a partially covering gif is also possible (george smiling (payp))al Thus winking excited george or a girl picture partially overlaps a paypal button that remains clickable

Note: girl picture get 70 to 100 times the clicks at youtube thus a cheesecake picture overlaying a paypal button could be effective

then theres the competent version: a javascript nugget that has any picture as clickable then uses javascript to call a paypal function

Of the hundreds of thousands or millions of paypal buttons out there supporting artists I have seen none with attention attraction A rapid look online revealed zero actual animated paypal buttons

It is possible this could improve the revenue of online creators any where from a little to a bunch

I say that as such things as telling a joke or drawing a sun on a check give waitresses more than 30 pt more tips (link)

beanangel, Oct 04 2009

Waitress behavior affects earnings http://www.youtube....watch?v=OjglaMRbzqI
Tell a Joke.................................... ......................40 pt Draw a sun on the check................................... 37 pt [beanangel, Oct 04 2009]

I just created an animated paypal gif that might be pleasant http://i36.tinypic.com/spurti.gif
picasion.com with tinypic creates animated gif online [beanangel, Oct 04 2009]

nearly prior art I think this is a reminder to use paypal rather than a link though http://tinypic.com/...&hid=135&tag=paypal
[beanangel, Oct 04 2009]


       might be able to get it done with a mouseover to the normal .gif   

       sp. "than"   

FlyingToaster, Oct 05 2009


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