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DPD, the Dick Pic Detector

Would you rather not receive dick pics on your social network app?
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This would be an AI software trained to detect pictures of penises. You would be able to install it as a plugin for your favorite social network app and it would analyze direct messages and detect those with penile imagery. Once identified as a picture of a male sexual organ you would get an overlay message informing you of the fact and offering you several options: - verify - see the picture to confirm if it is, in fact, a picture of a phallus; - Delete only; - Delete and block sender; - Delete and silence sender; - Delete and denounce sender; - Delete, block and denounce sender; - Delete and put a bounty on the senders head.
PauloSargaco, Jun 20 2019

Rapid APi listings for same https://rapidapi.co...mage-moderation-api
[theircompetitor, Jun 21 2019]

Woodgears: The 'Hui' game https://www.woodgears.ca/hui/index.html
Mentioned in my anno [notexactly, Jun 23 2019]

Not Hotdog https://apps.apple....hotdog/id1212457521
This app (which has only had limited success in its raw form) would later become the basis of a multi-billion dollar licencing deal for performing exactly this function. [zen_tom, Jun 24 2019]

How HBO’s Silicon Valley built “Not Hotdog” with mobile TensorFlow, Keras & React Native https://medium.com/...native-ef03260747f3
[zen_tom, Jun 24 2019]


       'Delete sender'.
Sgt Teacup, Jun 20 2019

       Sure, why not?
PauloSargaco, Jun 20 2019

       Can quality pass parameters be set? Only for artistic or research reasons.
wjt, Jun 21 2019

       There used to be a blog on Tumblr where a woman would rate and review such pictures as to artistic merit and interestingness… I imagine it's gone now, what with the porn ban and all.
notexactly, Jun 21 2019

       [wjt], quality parameters. That goes beyond the training scope of the AI. But there could be an open source community version where people could use their own training sets.
PauloSargaco, Jun 21 2019

       there are numerous AI APIs for same. I'm sure they take human reporting as input, and social network messengers already have reporting provisions [marked-for-deletion widely known to exist] and baked
theircompetitor, Jun 21 2019

       I just don't understand it - my latest campaign add for our prosthetic fingers has had almost no impact whatsoever.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 21 2019

       Bummer it won't let me post an annotation directly in Russian but it would have been "sravnil hui s palcem"
theircompetitor, Jun 21 2019

       It would be funny if somebody tried to sent a smiling selfie face shot and kept getting the message "DP Detector Activated - Picture Not Sent".
doctorremulac3, Jun 21 2019

       "Funny, it won't let me show my pictures of the Torre Agbar from my Barcelona trip..."
RayfordSteele, Jun 21 2019

       I've yet to be sent a single penis picture, and I'm okay with that.   

       [PaulSargaco] Nice, just make sure it is a community.
wjt, Jun 22 2019

       // "sravnil hui s palcem" //   

       Google Translate says this means "compare hui with your thumb", and the only "hui" I've heard of is the [link]ed one, which is German, but the thing it refers to is vaguely phallic. I'm guessing "hui" is Russian for penis?
notexactly, Jun 23 2019


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