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Facebook stock images

Create a user-submitted stock image repository using Facebook images
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Create an app to allow users of Facebook to submit their photos to the Facebook stock image repository. Users would get money in exchange for allowing their photos to be sold on a stock image repository.

You could potentially get much better image search results than Google images for certain type of images.

stevenzee, Sep 30 2010

Google Image Labeler http://images.google.com/imagelabeler/
It's quite amusing. [DrWorm, Oct 01 2010]


       I have a facebook friend who's recently been selling maybe 3 or 4 images a week through Shutterstock.
zen_tom, Sep 30 2010

       Would tagging the images be up to Facebook or the individual?
DrWorm, Sep 30 2010

       Leaving it to the individual would encourage "gaming" the system -- listing lots of popular tags, so as to ensure your images turned up in many people's searches, regardless of whether those tags were really appropriate to your image.   

       On the other hand, if Facebook staff tagged the images, that would be a lot of work for paid employees. Better to have it done for free, somehow.   

       Perhaps a system where people (the poster, or others) could tag images, and other people voted on how accurate the tags were, and your ability to tag photos depended on the number of positive votes you received.
mouseposture, Oct 01 2010

       Google uses a fun game that allows users to tag images (link).
DrWorm, Oct 01 2010


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