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Cone Sphericon Wing

for to compromise with frictionlessness afectionados
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A cone sphericon is a bisected equilateral cone with one hemisphere twisted 120 degrees. The resulting shape has one surface and one edge and allows for reciprocating but not rotational motion. Other sphericons allow for rotational motion with a wobble. The Cone Sphericon also allows for a wobble but only with reciprocating motion.

The cone sphericon might currently be integrated into the modern extension of Wing Warping designs (flapping drones and human powered flapping flight) with out causing World War III the way that the integration of the motor into the Wright Brothers' original Wing Warping designs caused World Wars I and II.

My recommendation would be to not fool around with this, at least, but more importantly to not fool around with fly wheels or motors in relation to adaptive flapping flight designs, unless you enjoyed the first half of the 20th century in which case your days are numbered and your attitude, at least, will be selected against by evolution

JesusHChrist, Dec 12 2016


       //allows for reciprocating but not rotational motion// I don't see how that shape prevents rotation. You can rotate any shape that can exist in three dimensions.
Voice, Dec 12 2016

       Two mirrored versions of this shape roll against eachother to produce reciprocating motion.
JesusHChrist, Dec 12 2016


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