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Channel Surfing Auto Fire

Start channel surfing with just one stroke of a key
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I have the problem of wearing out my 'channel up' and 'channel down' buttons on my TV's remote control. This happens while channel surfing in vacations and weekends.

There should be a button on the remote like you would find on your joystick, the "auto fire". Maybe two buttons, "toggle surfing" and "toggle surf channel list inclusion".

For the advanced users there also may be a "surfing speed dial".

psneekes, Aug 29 2002


       "troggle" ? Toggle, surely? And this might be a useful feature for TV salesrooms.
DrCurry, Aug 29 2002

       I've seen more than one make/model of television which already includes "channel scan" in its feature list. Basically you press the "scan" button once, and the tuner begins to increment the channel at a rate of once per 2-3 seconds. When you see something you want to watch, a second press of the "scan" button will cause the tuner to stay at the current channel. Usually this feature only cycles through the active channel list and will skip channels with no signal or which you have explicitly removed from the active channel list.
BigBrother, Aug 29 2002


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