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DTMF Remote Control

A Remote Control That Switches Channels Based On Touch Tone Commands
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To be clear, this is not a cell phone that doubles as a remote control, though that would be useful.

This is a remote that would react to a touch tone command to switch a remotable device, primarily a radio or TV, so I can call in channel changes.

theircompetitor, Dec 15 2004

To be used in the linked idea Home_20Grown_20Satellite_20Radio
[theircompetitor, Dec 15 2004]


       They did bake a thingy that would turn on your computer when you called your house back in the early 1990's. You plugged it into the phone line and the power outlet, and plugged the computer into it's power outlet. I'd like the idea of a TV which is sensitive to DTMF tones, so I can change channels with anything capable of generating said tones.
Amishman35, Dec 15 2004

       So it would be a remote that you can use on any electronic thing in your house? I've got one, took a while to find one that works on everything in my house though, I call it an universal remote. (No, not like the one in Click, though it would be useful.)
krigre55, Dec 04 2007


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