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Fisticuffs Button

"And a left and a right and a right jab"
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Press this button during a appropriate viewing moment.

This button overrides the television programme's audio then proceeds to kick in a "in the ring" environment including a energetic boxing commentary from Reg Gutteridge or boxing ring announcer Michael Buffer. A quick tap on the button returns you to the original audio.

Press once for announcer, press twice for commentator.

Good for western movie bar brawls and certain soap opera moments.

skinflaps, Mar 18 2008

Reg Gutteridge http://www.amazon.c...ntary/dp/1857824059
[skinflaps, Mar 18 2008]

Michael Buffer http://en.wikipedia...wiki/Michael_Buffer
[skinflaps, Mar 18 2008]


       «Iiiiiinn the Blue Shirt, Mavis is about to leave Mark having discovered he's having an affair with her best friend.   

       Iiiiiiiinnnn the Grey Dress, Mark is...»   

       That sort of thing?   

       I'm just wondering it'd sound with science programmes and nature documentries?
Dub, Mar 20 2008

       Heh, if this thing could translate it'd be pretty nifty.As it is, I'd keep pressing it during those tumbleweed soap opera moments.
skinflaps, Mar 20 2008

       Even this would not get me to watch "eastenders".
po, Mar 20 2008

       There's plenty of slapstick in "Emmerdale" [po], to keep the announcer busy.
skinflaps, Mar 20 2008

       Pop the button just right and a red robot head on a ratcheted stick zips up from the bottom of the screen.
elhigh, Mar 20 2008


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