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Charity Scavengers

Hey , It's better then nothing
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People dump a lot of crap on the side of the road , clothes, electronics ,books,car parts, furniture,porn , the list just keeps going , and most of it is still functional (ok maybe not the porn that's just disgusting ) . I propose an organisation that simultaneously cleans the roads and contributes to the homeless by saving anything that seems useable , cleaning it and either give it directly to those who need it or just hocking it for cash and giving them the money .
slapdash loser, Mar 07 2004


       But then there will be less for me to pick up! :-(
my-nep, Mar 07 2004

       If the homeless are really hard up, they'll already be trawling the gutters for anything useable/saleable themselves, if only to get money for Extra Strong Lager. Give them live-in sweeper carts and get clean streets and homeless reductions for your tax dollars!
unclepete, Mar 08 2004

       but most homeless live in the city and the best stuff is in the burbs
slapdash loser, Mar 08 2004

       Plenty of organizations will come and cart off your old stuff. They want to do it. Given this, it is pathetic how much perfectly good stuff is thrown away.
bungston, Mar 08 2004

       // where do you live that this happens?//   

       rural Maryland , only people living here are hicks. Trust me , you'd be suprised at what you can find on the side of the road , people don't want to pay to get into the landfill so they chuck whatever they don't want any more onto the road
slapdash loser, Mar 10 2004

       Economics teaches that this is what happens to public property...no one "OWNS" it, thus no one feels they have a vested interest in caring for it. Perhaps we should grant tiny sections of roadside HOMESTEADS to the homeless. An enterprising chap could begin to acquire adjoining parcels, form a monopoly and exploit the roadside. While it's not high-rent it's terribly handy to transportation.
ishkibibble, Mar 17 2004

       The Salvation Army has a pickup service, I think.
RayfordSteele, Oct 16 2004

       What it all boils down to is that nobody really wants to be actively responsible for homeless people. If you take the time to go around offering them stuff and they decide that they dont want it, then you are stuck having to dispose of it. If you leave the pile for them to pick through, then you are burdened with cleaning up the mess that they leave behind. I once put a bunch of my unwanted stuff on the side of the road for anyone who wanted it before the trash man came. I thought it was a good idea at the time but I was often bombarded by my neighbors and the homeless alike who had questions about the stuff like, "How do you work this thing?" or "This item seems to be missing a few parts. Do you have them?"
Jscotty, Sep 08 2005


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