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Card Board Box Paint

anti rain paint for large box
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If your living in a cardboard box, a bit of paint might help make the place a bit better. Paint could help:

* help keep the rain out

* colors that make the box harder to see camouflage They can't beat you up if they can't find you.

* solar colors/formulations to heat the box - black to radiation.

* solar colors/formulations to cool the box - white to radiation. Avoid annoying reflections that might cause box to be picked up by the city

* make it smell better by adsorbing bad odors or emitting pleasant odors

* cheap enough to be purchased by homeless


Some paint makers make too much or have a mistake or have returned paint. This would be a way to get rid of otherwise unsalable paint.

popbottle, Dec 10 2014

(?) Japan homeless https://www.faceboo...?id=100004114129039
[not_morrison_rm, Dec 10 2014]


       Japan...traditional blue plastic sheets, see 'em everywhere...   

       Well, not at the moment, as I'm in the UK...
not_morrison_rm, Dec 10 2014

       [*cheap enough to be purchased by homeless] Same price as cigarettes?
cudgel, Dec 10 2014


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