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Begging school

If those bums want my money then they sure better do somthing to earn it.
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I dont mind giving money to people who need it more than me, but they better show me that they need it more. If somone can make me think, "why the hell would anyone do that, they must really need money" then they are in with half a chance.

This would be run by the salvation army or some similar organisation and encourage homless to come up with original and inovative waves of begging. The school would teach courses in stunts, public self humiliation, ghetto noise, (busking) acting, (if your going to pretend to be crippled you better make people believe it) fake accents, (If your family was killed in kosovo why do you speak with a cockney accent ay?) and self mutilation.

Bums are annoying yes, but sometimes they can be entertaining, especially to a backpacker with a tiny budget, cheap entertainment its great!

Gulherme, Jan 27 2004


       Oh my ?
skinflaps, Jan 27 2004

       <hides behind tsuka>
po, Jan 27 2004

       You would find it entertaining to watch people humiliate or even mutilate themselves? I would suggest that it is you who should seek help.
saker, Jan 27 2004

       Beggars with tricks are usually referred to as "street performers" and are, unsurprisingly, more annoying than the weatherbeaten, blanket draped unfortunates.   

       There is, though, an alcoholic vagrant who sits on the benches outside Haymarket station, Edinburgh every morning who has a various tricks he performs (though mostly for his own amusement), ranging from the faintly amusing (dancing a jig) to the faintly scary (growling and laughing). He gets no money from me.
calum, Jan 27 2004

       I'll vote for anything that improves the guitar 'playing' of the wild haired guy who sing-shouts apparently different songs outside the Arndale Centre in Manchester. 2 Manchester buskers got signed up for a record deal by pap (sorry) pop producer Pete Waterman this week and I'm so glad he didn't sign this guy.
oneoffdave, Jan 27 2004

       You really think the salvation army is trying to teach people to survive on the street? The whole point is to help them off it, if they will. 'Bums are annoying, yes,' but at least you aren't one. So quit complaining and move on.
k_sra, Jan 27 2004

       Yes, panhandling can be annoying. If you're REALLY hungry ... fly a sign in front of an inexpensive eatery that says "hungry" ... and folks will feed you. If you need money for booze, fly a sign anywhere else that reads: "Stranded, need help - god bless." I know its a scam. Unless folks are asking for some necessity besides "money" ...
Letsbuildafort, Jan 27 2004

       I once saw a guy with a sign that said, "why lie I want money to buy beer" I thought well atleast hes telling the truth and gave him a buck.
Gulherme, Jan 27 2004

       If they were given orange highway cones to wear they could be easily moved and rearranged along construction zones. There is always employment in King George's America for enterprising souls.
727sheridan, Mar 17 2004

       Don't the buskers in Paris have to audition to be allowed to busk in Metro Stations and on trains and undergrounds? Or has someone made a total fool out of me? I know this idea is supposed to be funny, but really it isn't. The subject matter is kind of touchy, and when you start joking about beggars mutilating themselves, it's frankly disgusting. Yes, fine, it's a comment on how materialistic we all are, but I didn't need to hear it and since it made me too sick to look at a croissant I'm sending a Fishbone your way.
bookends, Jun 05 2005


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