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Car park for those living in their cars.

Condemed or bankrupt car park give homeless community and security
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Met someone today who claimed to be living in her car. (Claimed to be hunting her ex as well. )

There must be parking garages, multistoried structures perhaps that are no longer able to attract enough normal business. Perhaps, A proposed freeway never got built or a bypass did get made. Or the amusement park closed or burned.

Each resident gets two parking spaces, access to a community restroom, shower, coin laundry. Maybe the top floors can be separated by automated gating, with garage continuing at a reduced level of business.

A watch made the residents could keep thing more secure than on the street.

Bet some homeless folks have done this without bothering to tell the garage owners.

popbottle, Sep 13 2013


       Something has to be done anyway. Most places are aiming for gentification, to improve market evaluation, but that means affordable housing is scarce. Lots of people, most people out there, don't have anything but their jobs. That's a big reaason I'll never completely accept capitalism, because it keeps people from getting the things they need cheap or for free. So, if society isn't going to have affordable housing that reduces market value, then there has to be something like what you're proposing here: that nobody in their right mind would want to live in. That's great for psychiatric homeless. But there needs to be some basic affordable shelter for people in their poor state of nature. If it has to be an unmarketable thing like living in a parking garage, so be it.
rcarty, Sep 13 2013

       Somehow China manages to house 1.3 Billion poor people and Canada doesn't even have forty million and there's thousands homeless in every city.
rcarty, Sep 13 2013

       So the penniless owners of the burnt amusment park decide to give away free space and hot shower water, an altruistic teir in their eyes? Where does the money come to run this?
bungston, Sep 13 2013

       Fines. There will be an increase in fineable offences as the population expands.
rcarty, Sep 13 2013


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