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Remove the sinus pincher from eyeglasses.
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I don't mind wearing glasses, cosmetically I kind of like them. I've seen the pierced-nose glasses, but am concerned about health risks. So I propose we remove the nosebridge-have a straight bridge connecting the two lenses so they perch on the nose but don't embrace the nose, and design the outer half of the lenses to curve in and perch under your eyes above the cheekbones.
AH, May 02 2006

GLASSES http://www.emporioarmani.com
resting on my nose, not pinching it [lolzcakes, May 26 2006]

pierced glasses http://www.livescie...pierce_glasses.html
and half-baked here somewhere... [po, May 26 2006]


       Not around here, I'm thinking.
DrCurry, May 02 2006

       Two monocles, then?
baconbrain, May 02 2006

       Sorry, I forgot the category part, and I always assume the programmers have built in self-protective barriers :-) As for the glasses, if you are wearing your glasses right now, tilt them forwards so that the temples (my coworker is a font of obscure words)start to rise up above your ears-then redesign that angle so that the temples are still resting on your ears, and you will notice how the bottom of the lenses now tuck into the natural pouches under your eyes. You still need the connecting piece (not monacles) but it can be a straight bridge no longer embracing the sinuses.
AH, May 03 2006

       Once you have the sinuse (what an odd looking word) part removed if your glasses keep falling forward you could put a little wire that goes over the top of your nose to the end and clinches just past your sinuse part. You would end up making millions, I'm sure of it. Until people start crashing into things, of course.
NotTheSharpestSpoon, May 04 2006

       you mean like my glasses that simply rest on my nose?   

       check link
lolzcakes, May 26 2006

       lolzcakes, could you find an actual link to the specific glasses you're talking about? The link you gave points to Armani in general, and they sell a lot of different things...
jutta, Jul 19 2007


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