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Wearing a turban may no longer mean having to choose contacts
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A Sikh colleague of mine recently pointed out that he finds he has to wear contact lenses since the arms of a pair of spectacles become uncomfortable when pressed against the side of his head by the folds of his turban. For those not familiar with the term, the turban is a length of cloth which is tightly wrapped around the wearer's head. The cloth comes just down below the top of the ear on both sides of the head and when wearing standard spectacles it can press the arms into the head and become uncomfortable over longer periods. Sunglasses, which I tend to put on and take off frequently, can also be awkward.

Hence, I propose a pair of glasses with touch fasteners which could attach to the outside of the turban to secure the arms of the glasses in place. The fasteners could be adhesive or use a hook-and-loop mechanism. And the fastening could be added to a standard pair of spectacles or built into specially designed frames.

Whatever the set up, the wearer can put on a pair of glasses, wear them for long periods of time, then take them off and pop them away without the normal discomfort or having to resort to contact lenses.

Checkers, Oct 26 2007

Pierced Eyeglasses http://www.piercedglasses.com/
Pierce your nose, wear your glasses. [Noexit, Oct 26 2007]


       A pince nez might do the trick too.
zen_tom, Oct 26 2007

       Why not just semi-permanently attach the glasses to his face? See link.   

       This idea is kind of like the flip down eyeshades that baseball players wear [+]
Noexit, Oct 26 2007

       If that were to become infected, would he have to go on Sikh leave?
RayfordSteele, Oct 26 2007

       [+] for the name
sprogga, Oct 27 2007


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