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Integral wine glass straw

But so tricky to clean...
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Pondering the dilemma of the wine drinker who wishes to keep a wary eye on his environs, unoccluded by tipped glass. This drinker might wish to use a straw but is concerned the protruding straw might catch upon his monocle ribbon. Plus he might get teased because straws are gauche. Intolerable! We here at BUNGCO pondered; we did.

The integral wine glass straw starts with a glass possessing all required hoit and toit. The glass is then folded in on itself inwardly and vertically along one edge, forming a covered channel which extends down the interior of the glass, open at top and bottom. Now the drinker may sip without the tip.

We have found pipe cleaners work well for cleaning lodged dregs from the integral straw.

bungston, Jun 29 2014

Wineglass compensating computer monitor Wineglass_20compens...0computer_20monitor
Inspiration! [bungston, Jun 29 2014]

Sipper Glass http://www.awesomei...op/sipping-glasses/
Slightly different. Same functionality. [8th of 7, Jun 29 2014]


       This is not halfbaked. People would buy this. Which is why it's Baked, but not necessarily WKTE.   

8th of 7, Jun 29 2014

       Not to mention your standard toddlers sippy cup?
Skewed, Jun 29 2014

       The sipper glass has the glass straw but once the party started getting lively those things would all break off. The proposed integral straw is safely ensconced inside the glass.   

       A sippy cup is a different beast entirely.
bungston, Jun 29 2014

       //A sippy cup is a different beast entirely//   

       Yes, you have to tip it, a straw you don't.
Skewed, Jun 29 2014


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