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Cheeky signals

How to talk with your mouth closed
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A soft and rubbery circuit board fits between your teeth and cheek. It is totally self-contained with an onboard battery and processor, and an array of small red LEDs facing outwardly. Flashing patterns of lights can be clearly seen through the skin of the cheek, especially in the dim lighting of nightclubs. A remote control allows you to communicate important information to others, even with your mouth closed.

Wear one under each cheek and say two things at once.
To the person on the left: My place or yours?
And on the right: Be seeing you yesterday...
pluterday, Jul 12 2003

(?) Pokemon's Do It http://www.amazon.c...002-8592786-4562453
or at least pikachu does when you step on his toes [k_sra, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

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       watchout for pluter, he talks out of both sides of his mouth...
RayfordSteele, Jul 15 2003

       I like your mysterious profile page, [pluter]. I forwarded the whole thing to five people so my wish REALLY will come true!! TODAY!!!   

       Oh, and cheeky signals are in. +
k_sra, Jul 15 2003

       I think pluterday's a she, Ray.
snarfyguy, Jul 15 2003

       At an general auction a Stowe-Davis desk came up for sale. I saw one of the floor men bid by moving his tongue so that only his right cheek bulged. The other bidders (all to his left) could not see him bid. He was proxy bidding for someone out of town who wanted the desk. He won.   

       So you have all equipment you need to talk with your cheeks all ready should you wish to.
popbottle, Nov 18 2014


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