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Cheese Cloth

I don't wear the cheese the cheese wears me
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Well, it gives us something to do with all the cheese string.

We might need to make some adjustments to the loom before we start.

A suit of cheese!

What could be better?

If you get peckish you can just nibble at the sleeve.

Skewed, Jan 12 2019

The Cheese Man https://www.youtube...watch?v=dnV5Yup9JoE
[Skewed, Jan 12 2019]

Inspired by Cloth_20Cheese
just the title, nothing else. [Skewed, Jan 12 2019]


       Hmmm. Kind of a toss up between spun and woven string cheese threads and 3d printing. With 3d printing of a stiff yet flexible cheese you could optimize the density and something similar to thread count to the stress areas of the garment creating a stronger suit with less material.
beanangel, Jan 12 2019

       made for pun in title [-]
Voice, Jan 14 2019

       Bested by the meat dress I'm afraid.
RayfordSteele, Jan 14 2019


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