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cookable clothing

Disposable clothes for camping
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This outfit would be designed for camping trips. It would be pulled out of it's package and worn and/or washed as long as needed, then boiled in water. The fabric would be made of a hydrocarbon that breaks down at 100 degrees celsius into something very biodegradable. This eliminates the need to carry back large amounts of stinky garments.

bonus: Canabals don't have to undress the unlucky intruder

bonus 2: eatable in emergencies.

bonus 3: Boil off the legs for your pants for a shorter and more comfortabel garment. Long-sleeved shirts can also become short-sleeved.

Bonus 4: this material could also be used to make a tent for a very light return trip.
Voice, Dec 31 2008


       Hmmm. What material did you have in mind? Most edible things that would break down at 100°C will do so more slowly at armpit-temperature. Also, if you want it to be edible, hydrocarbons aren't a good choice - carbohydrates, maybe.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 31 2008

       Back in WW2 Canadian military winter jackets came equipped with edible buttons that would boil down for soup as a survival tool.   

       It's a start.   


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