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Closet Clean Up Wizard

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A sewn-in RFID tag identifies when you haven't worn an article of clothing for a few years via GPS Sat-Nav logging. An electric current then debonds the polymers in the threads of the fabric (similar to how photochromic glass is switched). The pile of former-clothing dust is then swept up by your closeted Roomba.

It will be a great convenience in keeping a tidy house, at least until war-dialer nudists break your encryption.

Laughs Last, Jul 29 2012


       Can we do something similar with thermite charges to clean out my garage? [+]
Alterother, Jul 29 2012

       Yes. But only after we have taken all the good stuff and put in in our garage ...   

       Ooops, just spotted the flaw in THAT idea ...
8th of 7, Jul 29 2012

       With some modification, can the RFID tag be reprogrammed to debond the clothing while traveling via public transportation or while on first dates (as a conversation starter)? It matters not, Baker [Last], I award you a steaming fresh bun for the inspiring thought! [+]
Grogster, Jul 29 2012

       I thought it was the moths in my closet that did that!
xandram, Jul 30 2012

       No, the moths plant the RFID tags.
Alterother, Jul 30 2012


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