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Do-it-yourself Duds

Knead what you need
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You start with a bag of velcro-like fibers. Each fiber is a few millimeters long; one end is a hook and the other is a loop. By pulling, pressing and molding the material, any manner of clothing can quickly be fashioned. When coming in after a day on the ski slopes, you simply take off your cap and make it into a pair of cozy slippers.
FarmerJohn, Mar 26 2002


       Just don't drop this stuff on the shag-pile carpet...
mcscotland, Mar 26 2002

       Or walk on it in your slippers.
FarmerJohn, Mar 26 2002

       I imagine fasteners will be superflous. Imagine FarmerJohn in his new clothes meeting up with his lady love in company of friends:   

       "R - rrrip"   

       (Sound of an opening formed where the stress was greatest)
neelandan, Mar 26 2002

       neelanden - as I wrote, one can quickly mold it to new shapes.   

       UnaBubba - different in that this stuff can be auto-recycled into various attire.
FarmerJohn, Mar 26 2002

       I don't understand this. What are you describing... a bunch of fabric blobs? I can't see how you could assemble anything that would hold a shape at all using a bunch of hook/loop individual fibers. It seems to me it would just fall apart/blow away. Velcro works because the fibers are attached to a backing material.   

       You'd be better off using flexible Lego. Or perhaps a series of standardi(s)zed velcro-trimmed cloth shapes which can be assembled into a series of different fashions.
waugsqueke, Mar 26 2002

       I think this would have terrible problems with washability; I'd expect it to all felt up into one permanent mass.
hello_c, Mar 26 2002

       This sounds very itchy and scratchy... I wouldn't want to wear any of that stuff.
herilane, Mar 27 2002


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