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Cheese Hookah

To ease your sleazy-cheese cravings.
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I'd like to see a multi hose attachment that connects to a can of aresol EZcheese, allowing everyone arround the livingroom to sit back, relax, and enjoy the smooth, satisfying flavor. The valve control at the can is replaced with individual valves at the tip of each hose. Since more than one person can sample the cheesey goodness at the same time, this will lead to a more peaceful evening. No more waiting for the "cheeze-hog" to pass the can. The hoses could be covered in colorful braided patterns with silky tassles. Or for a more modern design, a clear hose, so that when the communal can is changed from "nacho" to "bacon'n'cheddar", we could all the watch the flavor change working its way through the hose.
porkpipe, Jul 10 2001


       I, uh, have never "eaten" aerosol cheese, but the image of the Cheese Hookah is irresistable. Especially the bit with the clear tubing.
Dog Ed, Jul 10 2001

       How is this better than having a can each?
angel, Jul 10 2001

       Fantastic. This automatically stops the munchies!
starmanki, Jul 10 2001

       and petersealy would be able to feed more that one fish at a time!
mihali, Jul 10 2001

       I love the idea!!! However, this should be a "modification" to an existing hookah. You should have your hookah dispense your regular "goodies" to the group, have a second hose that dispenses this EZ-Cheeze goodness, and a third hose to dispense water, or beverage of your choice...   

       Now, if my sofa doubled as a toilet, I'd never leave the house.   

       However, you probably wanna do my trick --- modify the hookah with pressure sensitive switches all over it, connected to a bunch of cool blue LED's (or the color of your choice!)   

       Inhale, glow, suck cheesey goodness, glow, drink the water, glow.... *sigh* sheer bliss!   

       O'course, I'm a guy so lights totally fascinate me to no end... Make the lights blink. *shudder*. Put buttons on it? *gasp!*, now, make the BUTTONS blink! *faints from sensory overload*
Xanlexian, Jul 10 2001

       Waugsqueke m'friend, you're welcome over anytime.   

       So long as I can return the favor and blow cheese up your nose as well! Man... I can see the coroner's report now:   

       "Man. Age withheld. Died of cheese drowning."   

       Wheee! The power of cheese. It can heal, feed, and kill. Powerful stuff, man.
Xanlexian, Jul 10 2001

       I had a cheese bong once but I ate it.   

       I can't remember why I made it... it was the same day I ate a burger with melted plastic on it.
EvoketheTiger, Jul 10 2001

       THere's something other than jalepeno cheese?!?!? When did this come about?
Xanlexian, Jul 10 2001

       You're going to have problems with the aerosol cheese hardening in the tubes. This is an issue even on the small nozzle of the stock can.   

       As far as the idea of having multiple items dispensed from the hoses, you could have a hose within a hose, so the outer chamber contained water, and the inner one cheese. Look into how they do swivel connections for things like mobile oil drilling platforms, and you'll find it will be much more streamlined than having two or three hoses in parallel.
jkonrath, May 21 2004


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