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one time use beerbottle bong

beer bottle that doubles as a bong
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A beer bottle, with a bowlhead and slide over the cap, and a small capped chamber drilled into the side. Once you are done with your beer, you uncap the chamber, stick the slide in, and voila, a perfectly good glass bong.
thelawof3, Sep 21 2001


       Oh, I don't know ... the one-time-use beer bong might help stimulate the economy. Mayor Giuliani told us all to go out and shop, so damn, let's do it! Beer and bongs for everybody, woohoo! Parrrr-TEEE!
1percent, Sep 21 2001

       blissmiss: I have a feeling rhubarb's more dangerous than alcohol or cannabis. I don't actually want to *check* that, but oxalic acid in rhubarb leaves is a lethal poison. Whereas marijuana only kills you if you fall asleep smoking it.
pottedstu, Sep 21 2001

       Obviously this is a fantastic product. How many times have you been drinking a beer and been like "gee, I wish I had a bong" And of course this bong would be for tobacco use only, so the beer companies would only have a slight moral objection.
vapor2911, Sep 21 2001

       From marijuana.com you can read why bongs are bad for your health. but hell, i can tell you: the water filters out tar and THC. Thus one needs to smoke more to achieve the same high you can get without a bong. Since you smoke more with a bong you inhale more tar. best bet: a vaporizer, or a magnifying glass.
raven, Sep 24 2001

       Had to laugh when I saw [blissmiss]'s first annotation. She's deleted it, but had an 'Immanculate Contraception' idea which involved recycled condoms...
phoenix, Dec 14 2001

       I love the idea of bliss's coarse kleenex, want to post it but cannot think why you would use it.
po, Dec 14 2001

       Actually Bongs are bad because a lot of other nasty crap makes it through the water which is only stops particulates...I would say that the worst part of bongs are the fact that they cause you to take huge hits thereby coating your lungs with all the nasty crap...THC is absorbs faster than most of the other molecules in the smoke so holding it in only makes you retarded...and not in a fun stoned way. Joints and small tokes will keep your lungs in much better working order. Large Hits are for frat boys with small dicks.
redsimple, Jan 27 2006

       And all this time I just thought I was an inadequate man. But it was the pot instead!
Jscotty, Jan 27 2006


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