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Buggy Bong

Self propelled remote controle bong
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No more "I stood up too quickly" head rushes while handing or being handed the bong!! The guts of a remote control car(or remote control chicken?) plus one bong and a little bit of glue should do it.
Ratita de Bodega, Aug 16 2002


       You've obviously never spilled the bong before... better make sure it's some damn good glue. Those spills never come out of the carpet. And the smell...   

       Have a biscuit - you prolly have the munchies
Mr Burns, Aug 16 2002

       What are you using a bong for anyway they are such selmy things. Smoke spliffs or gravity bongs much cleaner.
Gulherme, Aug 16 2002

       If you can find one, try a Burple bottle.. be creative.
Mr Burns, Aug 16 2002

       Why use a bong? because they make your lungs feel lovely! and put you as high as the heavens! And there is no sticky resin fingers from after a large spliff
Jay_buh, Jun 13 2004


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