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Klein Bong

Topological torture for the stoned.
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Next time your friends are stoned, surreptitiously exchange their normal bong with a Klein Bong.

Hilarity ensues.

ConsulFlaminicus, Jan 11 2008


       ah, no... I don't actually have friends who get stoned.
ConsulFlaminicus, Jan 11 2008

       ...or indeed , any friends.
ConsulFlaminicus, Jan 11 2008

       i just looked at an image of a klein bottle. how exactly could it be modified so that it could work ?
erlehmann, Jan 11 2008

       a false mouthpiece.
po, Jan 11 2008

       good that i meet you, [po]. how do i get others to accept my all-lowercase and sometimes-without-spaces style of writing ?
erlehmann, Jan 11 2008

       get a room
ConsulFlaminicus, Jan 11 2008

       a room ? like living for rent ?
erlehmann, Jan 11 2008

       Help me! I'm stuck on both sides of this Klein bottle!
RayfordSteele, Jan 11 2008

       //Hilarity ensues// Yea! Because the're already stoned!
evilpenguin, Jan 11 2008

daseva, Jan 12 2008

       How do you get your ganja into it? How does the smoke get out?   

       "The smoke is still inside the bottle. In fact, so are you."   

elhigh, Jan 15 2008

       //how do i get others to accept my all- lowercase and sometimes-without- spaces style of writing ?//   

       We've had various proposals for bullshit detectors and other text-modifying gadgets on the HB. Surely the most feasible would be a capitalization imposer? The rules are simple enough (capital letter at the start of a sentence; isolated "I" capitalized; proper nouns and acronyms from a list capitalized) that an automated system could probably correct the worst of [Erlehmann]'s excesses without doing too much damage. We could consider giving [po] a bypass code to show how tolerant we are.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 15 2008

       [po]has been grandfathered into the system.   

       [consulflaminicus] would have plenty of friends if he stopped handing people a klein bottle bong at parties.
dentworth, Jan 18 2008


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