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Re-Cheese Please!

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There's cheese pizza. There's pizza with extra cheese. There's even stuffed crust pizza with melted cheese pumped into the crust.

Yeah. But what if you want MORE CHEESE!!!

Now there's the new Re-Cheese Pizza! A pizza pie is delivered to your door. Don't worry about conserving the cheese on it - pick it off with your hands and eat it! Take a bite and half the cheese comes off by accident? No problem! Suck the whole slab of topping into your mouth.

--In 10 minutes, the doorbell rings again. There's the delivery person again, carrying a new, fresh pie, from which he removes all the hot melting cheese in a deft stroke and plops it onto your existing cheeseless crust.

Then the feast continues.

Want Cheese that won't cease? Just say Re-Cheese Please!

(Perhaps a faux-Italian suffix could be added to make this even more popular, like Re-Cheesito Pizzatta.)

phundug, Sep 28 2007


       I like it - a lot - but, having made a number of abortive attempts at separating a live* pizza topping from its base, I think what we're missing here is a suitably reliable technique, tool or methodology for repeatable cheese transplantation. It's just not that simple goddammit!   

       *separating cold mozzarella from an abandoned pizza is of course, quite a simple process - but it's not what we're talking about here. We're talking about a hot, lossless transference scenario.
zen_tom, Sep 28 2007

       Or just get a bowl of hot cheese...
lostdog, Sep 28 2007

       There must a place for lonely cheeseless bases, unless that's on the menu as well?   

       "May I take your order?"   

       "Just the base please"   


       "Bob, have we had any Re-Cheese orders recently?"
skinflaps, Sep 28 2007

       I prefer the idea of a hand-held gadget, similar in form to an aerosol can, which can sputter the pizza with hot, melted mozzerella. With this, you can either resurface an entire pizza or just 'touch up' areas of thin topping where the pizza substrate is showing through.
hippo, Sep 28 2007

       Rather than a spray can, how about a miniature cheese zamboni.
Galbinus_Caeli, Sep 28 2007


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