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Chess-Crèche Combo

Me one king of Orient am vs. the king of the Jews
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No need to pack away your nativity scene at the end of the Christmas holidays. Just remove the stable, straw and manger and add more shepherd pawns and another virgin queen from the box. Hand-carved Masonite figures, such as long-eared ass knights, rest on a checkered, tropical cardboard surface to adorn your home during both religious and competitive interludes.

Though the elephant castles look a little out of place crowding the stable and can only move in straight lines, the pious practicality of the unique chessus set is unbeatable. I still recall the response of its craftsman, a Palestinian carpenter and immigrant from Sydney. When I asked if payment should be made with card or cash, Joe replied, “Check, Mate.”

FarmerJohn, Jan 01 2004

Bible Chess Set, the table-top kind http://santagallery.../biblical_b_&_p.htm
[Amos Kito, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

chess piece names in many languages http://www.geocitie...9154/nap-pieces.htm
I was thinking of the wall-bearing elephant as rook but see that it was the original bishop [FarmerJohn, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       So, would I need to replace my bishop, or not?
Fishrat, Jan 01 2004

       as long as you keep the (c)rook.
po, Jan 01 2004

       Just watch how your polish your bishop.
Eugene, Jan 01 2004

       The base of this creation should be made from damp earth. This would enable you to grow cress on it while you weren't using it (and you would then call it the Chess-Crèche-Cress Combo - perhaps a mini fridge for storing Cheshire cheese too?).
hippo, Jan 02 2004

       Camel castles, surely? (Or are they the knights?)   

       Anyway, a wonderfully post-modern form of creche in the first place.
DrCurry, Jan 02 2004


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