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Terrorism Chess Set

Modern War
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Well, in today's society, there's no more king/knight/bishop or stuff like that (at least, the way chess describes them).

I was thinking at a chess game like USA against Terrorism.

King: G.W.Bush Queen: Liberty Statue Bishop: Missile Knight: General Rook: World Trade Center Pawn: American Soldier, with one knee on the floor (to be smaller in size)

King: S.Hussein Queen: Bin Laden (with his robe, we're not really sure he's sissy or not...) Bishop: Chemical Bomb Knight: Suicide Bomb Man Rook: Aladin Style Tower Pawn: Taliban Fighter, sit in indian (to be smaller in size)

Also, a percentage of the profit would go to the fund against terrorism. A tax deductible donation ticket will be provided. (ex.http://www.rewardsfund.org/).

Also, you have to put the strongest chess player behind the U.S. army!(for ethical reason of course...:))

mading25, Jan 29 2003

Battle Chess http://www.chesscen...ad/battle_chess.htm
[Shz, Oct 04 2004]

Buildings versus planes http://img.photobuc.../09_podborka_36.jpg
[jaksplat, Feb 05 2007]

Modern Political Chess Piece Set http://www.thechess...et_1st_edition.html
(As mentioned by the poster.) A few years out of date by now, and not as clearcut good/evil, but does have Bush, Hussein, Bin Laden, etc. [jutta, Oct 30 2007]


       The Bush can attack any piece, going against any ruling made by international governing bodies. The Osama can move to any square without detection. Taliban Fighter can move either one square forward, or four backward. S. Hussein may have more than 2 Rooks/Chemical Bombs, the true number will be determined once threatened. When a WTC piece is captured, the other shall be removed after 3 moves.   

       </bad taste>fishbone</good taste>
Johnny Mash, Jan 29 2003

       Wouldn't it be nice if it were that easy?
X2Entendre, Jan 29 2003

       I assume the terrorists would be black? I like your rules JM
xnihilo, Jan 29 2003

       Actually, a friend from school made a chess set very similar to this but based on the original gulf war. It was made as a final year artwork.   

       (-) for the last sentence.
madradish, Jan 30 2003

       mading25, you are obviously fucked in the head. It's people like you who start wars through racial slurs and general intolerance of other races. You should be shot.
osama, Jan 30 2003

       [osama], it is possible that [mading25] may be indulging in irony. Even if not, his idea, while not to everyone's taste, is not in my opinion sufficiently controversial to justify your use of offensive language. Besides, it's his first idea.
8th of 7, Jan 30 2003

       ahem,this is just not what I was looking for in a chess game. I couldn't find anything good in this game.
gamerguy, Sep 01 2003

       mading, i think osama is partially right. why fan the flames of hatred? peace cant be attained by fighting, it never has been and never will be. why not drop food and morphine instead of bombs? because "the white king" doesnt care about terrorism or the benefit of anybody else except himself and his precious fossil fuels. you brainwashed dumbass.
monk, Dec 08 2003

       Its not too terrible an idea for a game, really. If there are enough of them left maybe they could just use the guys from the cards instead of all these chemical bombs.
RobertKidney, Dec 08 2003

       I like it - sort of. It might be better as an online game where the US player can't see where the enemy pieces are half the time. And, maybe, whenever a terror-bishop is killed, the terror-player gets two terror-pawns for free: suicide bombers.   

       I do have to protest some of your character selections though. Saddam, a secular infidel, on the same side as the holy Osama? This makes-a-no-sense. Sure, bin Laden bashed the US for invading Iraq - he was probably even rooting for Saddam as the lesser of two evils - but they sure ain't buddies. The Bush case that they were in cahoots was little subtler than (and about as accurate as) "Of course those damn towel-heads stick together."   

       Aside from that, not a bad idea.
TerranFury, Jan 03 2004

       Like others, I like the *general* idea, but my political views make the specific characters chosen distasteful to me.
lyrl, Jan 05 2004

       you bunch of dumb asses KILLM AAAALLLL!!!!!
John_R_123, Feb 09 2004

       I think Bush, Powell and Rice should be the Pawns, Rumsfeld King and Cheney should be the Queen.   

       Or how about a similar game with Popular Opinion vs Government manipulated media.
PainOCommonSense, Feb 09 2004

       Well, I'll remember that what people on halfbakery thin about new ideas don't reflect the reality:   


       I emailed the guys to ask how many chess sets of those he sold... Actually, it's 564 chess set, at around 800$ (was 1200$ at first). Me and the opinions of others...
mading25, Jun 16 2004

       So... there's 564 people out there with more money than taste? I wish I was surprised.   

//strongest chess player behind the US army// would make more sense if we were now seeing a victorious Coalition handing a peaceful Iraq back to a new Iraqi government. As things stand, Saddam has been removed from power, but it doesn't seem to have stopped the violence. Enjoy the feeling of playing chess on soldiers' graves.
You and the feelings of others... [-]
david_scothern, Jun 16 2004

       When a pawn reaches the last row it explodes.
pertinax, Feb 05 2007

       //Chemical Bomb Knight: Suicide Bomb Man Rook: Aladin Style Tower Pawn: Taliban Fighter,//   

       These sound like Yu-Gi-Oh cards.
Shadow Phoenix, Oct 29 2007

       Chess pieces shaped like X isn't a new idea, so bone for that, and bone for your decidedly dumb attitude.
nomocrow, Oct 30 2007

       Not so funny, really.
4whom, Oct 30 2007


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