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Zen Garden Chess

think hard before making a move
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Instead of the rocks surrounded by carefully raked lines, you have chess pieces. Instead of black and white squares you have gravel raked in two different directions.

Every time you move a piece you must re-rake the garden.

xenzag, Dec 13 2009

Zugzwang http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zugzwang
for those who don't play chess (re Jinbish) [xenzag, Dec 15 2009]


       I like the basic idea, but who plays?   

       Is this part of the gigantic chess piece bandwagon?   

       It might take a very long time between moves if one is to feel compassion for all the pieces.
csea, Dec 13 2009

       21, I just love the way you can open up like that, love the idea to+
zeno, Dec 13 2009

       bah ;) [+]
FlyingToaster, Dec 13 2009

       +...your move...
xandram, Dec 15 2009

       Depending on the position after that last move, we could have...
[xandram]'s, [xenzag] Zen zugzwang

Jinbish, Dec 15 2009

       There is a world of difference betwixt chess and cricket, [IT]. For starters: Chess is usually played by those with culture and class.
MikeD, Dec 16 2009

       ...and when a piece is taken in chess it's out of the game - there is no second innings. Although if one of your pawns reaches the other side of the board (or 'boundary') they can be promoted, so there are similarities. Chess games tend to not stop for tea though.
hippo, Dec 16 2009

       [Jinbish] bless you.   

       On checkmate, you must bury the king.
tatterdemalion, Dec 16 2009

       all chess players really should sport a dollop of suncream on their noses though.
po, Dec 16 2009


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