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Money chess

empty the board into your pocket
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Replace standard chess pieces with coins.

$1=Queen, $2=King, 5 cents =Pawns, 10 cents=Bishop, 20 cents=Rooks etc ..

One player is Heads the other being Tails (so that there will be no confusion upon which coin belongs to whom.) Every time you *take* a coin piece you may retain it. This works with Australian currency so I can only imagine it would work with others.

skinflaps, Sep 24 2002

A Two Dollar Bill Tale http://www.geocitie.../2099/2_dollar.html
Pretty funny. [bristolz, Sep 29 2002, last modified Oct 05 2004]

An entire chess set from Origami http://www.fishgoth.../origami/chess.html
But we might just want to use the king... [James Newton, Aug 21 2005]

A king from a dollar bill http://web.archive..../dollar/d_6star.pdf
Well, actually, just a six point star, but it looks like a crown. [James Newton, Aug 21 2005]

The easy way to fold George into your chess king http://members.cox....ll11/money/picture/
Makes him a picture in a frame, but it stands up nice. [James Newton, Aug 21 2005]


       This is a pretty cool idea, but what about the peices left on the board? does the winner get to take them all? this would change the tactics of chess as the looser could still come out with more money.
Gulherme, Sep 24 2002

       "It could make for whole new strategies." Heh, yes. Maybe "scorched-Earth" would be one of them.   

       In the US you probably would have to use a $5 for the King. I haven't seen a $2 bill since I was a kid. Are they still in circulation?
bristolz, Sep 24 2002

       My apologies i played this the other day and the winner keeps everything i think it added up to $5 a side.
skinflaps, Sep 24 2002

       One doesn't see many (US) two dollar bills in circualtion because so many casual collectors think they're too special to spend and many others find the denomination to be too awkward for their spending habits. But they are still quite readily available from just about any bank teller if you ask. The same holds true for the dollar and half-dollar coins.   

       What's really funny is watching a cashier at a major retailer refuse [somebody else's] two dollar bill claiming that there's no such thing as a two dollar bill. At that point I usually make a big production out of making change for the person trying to spend the perfectly legitimate currency.
BigBrother, Sep 24 2002

       I used to do this (kind of). There were almost always missing pieces from chess sets at school, so we would replace the missing pieces with money. Pawns were usually pennies, Rooks 2p, etc (depending on what change we had from our 'lunch money').
Jinbish, Sep 25 2002

       I've never understood the US resistance to such a simple idea as a $2 bill.
waugsqueke, Sep 25 2002

       Or the resistance to a $1 coin. Now that inflation has made it so that most things in vending machines cost around $1, I think the time for the US to come to terms with the $1 coin has come. Otherwise we're likely to spend 1/2 our life in front of a vending machine going zeet/zoot, zeet/zoot, zeet/zoot while we keep putting in the dollar bill and it keeps spitting it back out.
mwburden, Sep 25 2002

       £1 notes are 'phased out' in England but they are still alive and kicking in Scotland. This makes for more good fun when travelling Scots present their selection of slightly differently minted monies, only to be told that its fake.
Jinbish, Sep 25 2002

       twigs: remove bark to create white peices
duefangler, Sep 29 2002

       [duefangler] why is your comment here? this game is for money not bits of twigs. 50 cents takes twig.
skinflaps, Sep 30 2002

       Had a cance to talk to a Canuk over the weekend that hails from the far North areas of the country. He sais up there it gets cold enough that metals in coins kept in a purse shrink appreciably.
Normally, this wouldn't be a problem, but "twonies" (two dollar coins) are bi-metalic -- a disk of one metal surrounded by a ring of another metal. Seems that when reheated, the outer metal in a twonie expands first, and the center drops out.
mwburden, Oct 04 2002

       I was about to add to my previous annotaton that it would be cool if both halfs could be used as dollar coins, then I rememberd that someone already did "leggo currency"
mwburden, Oct 07 2002

       //My apologies i played this the other day and the winner keeps everything i think it added up to $5 a side.//   

       If the winner keeps everything? I dont see the point of this idea. It amounts to betting $5 a side & playing normal chess. I like the possibility of keeping only the pieces you kill - that makes for different strategy.
energy guy, Aug 20 2005

       [waugs], me neither. But it's there, and you grow up thinking that 2 dollar bills are really special. My dad used to give us two dollar bills for school lunch money. I then convinced this kid that it was rare and worth alot, but we were so poor I had to spend it to eat. He then traded his five dollar bill for my two. It was a good day that day! (unfortunately the next was not so good) :)
babyhawk, Aug 20 2005

       penny pawns, nickel knights, quarter Queen, dollar king (oragami?), double nickel rooks (big and tall), dime store bishops. Heads and tails for the two sides, and the kings are easy to keep track of.   

       And the board is made from a page of paper, squared then folded in half once, twice, and a last time (for 8 even spaces between 7 creases) both horizontally and vertically. You can trace the creases with pencile or pen if you like, then shade every other square.   

       I can't remember how you remember which color the first square is.   

       If you have to record the game, trace the coins and write in the pieces.   

       Or so I've heard...
James Newton, Aug 21 2005

       Really good idea. Unfortunately, most games played for money these days seem to eventually degenerate into a Texas Hold-em poker tournament, since everyone now seems to be an "expert", and they’re all willing to lose $5 each hand. [James Newton], I fear that your paper chess board may get torn up by the poker thugs. [babyhawk] its always good to hear stories from others about how, as kids, they accidentally tricked the less wise kids out of something or other.
sleeka, Aug 21 2005

       $1 coins are just too clunky to deal with. In the states, we hate counting out coinage, mostly it just ends up sitting in a jar somewhere. It's not thought of as a significant sum of money, and it's handy not to. If we had loonies and twonies people would be force to sort through their change for the larger denominations. Too much to bother with when you're on the go and are holding up the cash line.   

       Would also probably drive inflation.
RayfordSteele, Aug 21 2005

       Change is a hassle, but notes are worse. I usually throw it all away and steal things instead.
wagster, Aug 21 2005

       Drill holes in the tops of the pieces and stick rolled up bills in them. 1's for pawns, 5's for Horses and bishops, 10's for rooks, a 50 for the queen and a 20 for the king.
Antegrity, Aug 22 2005

       Going to have to teach people how to delete their redundant anno's.
RayfordSteele, Aug 23 2005


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