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Chevy Ice Fisherman

Ice fishing from the comfort of your SUV
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The Chevy Ice Fisherman will allow you to enjoy the great outdoors while ice fishing from the DVD-equipped interior of your comfortable heated vehicle.

Step 1) The onboard auger drills a nice hole in the ice while you enjoy smoking your cherry-flavored pipe tobacco (or worse)--sorry mom :(

Step 2) the floor port opens up revealing the perfectly cut industry-standard ice hole. Just add dynamite!

Step 3) The onboard DVD/fish-radar displays any fish unlucky enough to wander by -- no takers? Just drive on and drill again in complete comfort.

Step 4) Did you get a bite? The pleasant voice of "your door is ajar" has a new message: "Wake up you drunk!" or any soundbyte or music of your choice -- I prefer to cue up some Phish ;)-- NOT!! Phish sucks.

Step 5) Catch the fish any way you can.

Step 6) We likes them raw and wriggling! Dig in!

Operators manual:

--Warnings go off if the ice begins to melt or vehicle approaches thin ice.

--The auger will only operate if it detects an ice thickness sufficient to carry the weight of the occupied vehicle.

--Waiver of responsibility must be signed -- The Chevy Ice Fisherman does not prevent stupidity.

--Comes with hilarious "walleye on board" suction window sign. Ha!

rotato, Jan 09 2004

Ask the folks at Rinspeed to do it for you http://www.autoindex.org/news.plt?no=671
[kbecker, Oct 04 2004]


       This reminds me of the halfbakery, when the day is done what are you left with? Fish bones.
FarmerJohn, Jan 09 2004

       I thought the whole reason for ice-fishing was to go camping in a tent with a TV?   

       //Just add dynamite.//   

       Please. You would smoke your undercarriage?
Tiger Lily, Jan 09 2004

       There are people that drive old Dodge pickups (sorry, campr vans) in England?
Tiger Lily, Jan 09 2004

       Current line: Chevy Avalanche.
Next year's line: Chevy Anchor.
"Like a rock, baby!"
Letsbuildafort, Jan 09 2004

       [+] the ultimate SUV!
Klaatu, Jan 09 2004

krelnik, Jan 10 2004

       //--Comes with hilarious "walleye on board" suction window sign//   

       Sold. That was the deal breaker RIGHT there!
Letsbuildafort, Jan 10 2004

       This reminds me of a Darwin Award: some guy won the lottery, so he went out and bought a new SUV. He live up in Canada, and loved ice fishing, but hated to cut the hole. He worked at a plant of some type, and one day, took some dynamite home, invited some friends. Then they all headed out to the lake in the SUV. Well, the guy had a dog, and when he chucked the dynamite in the middle of the lake, the dog retrieved it, and ran to where they were, beside the SUV. They got away, but Fido didn't, and the SUV is still at the bottom of the lake!
benlevi7, Jan 10 2004

       Ooh - free SUV!
Letsbuildafort, Jan 10 2004

       //Warnings go off if the ice begins to melt or vehicle approaches thin ice.//   

       i sure wouldn't want to be in the QA dept for that feature. oops...
trinityX, Jan 10 2004

       [benlevi7] You would've thought the guy had at least once watched Willie Coyote or Tom & Jerry.
I feel sorry for the dog, but can't stop laughing picturing the scene in my head.
Man lights & throws dynamite. 'This'll be real cool, Eh?'
Dog immediately takes off after dynamite. There must be the second or two where it dawns upon everyone what is about to happen.
Everyone begins to Yell & Whistle at the Dog. The Dog is encouraged & runs even faster.
The dog reaches the dynamite, picks it up & drops it once. Everyone back at the truck has a brief hope that the dog will leave it there.
No. It is an intelligent dog & figures out how to pick the lit dynamite up on the far side of the fuse. The dog begins running back to the truck.
'Oh cripes! This is gonna be one bad day, Eh?' says someone & they all look at each other 'Take off you hosers!' shouts someone & they all begin to run as fast as they can in different directions. Some of the people fall down & scamper their way away on four limbs.
The dog doesn't understand so when it gets back to the truck it drops they dynamite & wags its tail waiting for everyone to come back. Then BOOOM!
Zimmy, Apr 22 2005


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