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Exercise Car

Work out on the way to work
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Drive to work? Obnoxious gas prices keep you from speeding? Give yourself another reason to take your time!

Make your car... an Exercise Car, and use your commute to tighten and firm!

100% safe, driver returns to 'normal position' immediately if they stop exercising; no loss of visibility.

Modification packages include:

- 'ab lounge' driver's seat mod

- squats (w/ cruise on) foot bar mod

- chest and arm work w/ steering wheel mods

[reworded a bit]

Bcrosby, Aug 31 2008

Baked http://www.designso...flintstones-car.jpg
A looooooong time ago... [theleopard, Sep 01 2008]

what do you call a hippy on a horse then? my_20other_20car_20is_20a_20Porsche_20911
[po, Sep 01 2008]


       please define "car"
wjt, Aug 31 2008

       I have an exercise car, it's called a bicycle.
MechE, Aug 31 2008

       I work at home, but the nearest town is a half hour away.   

       If you can bike to work then this isn't for you. For me to bike to the grocery store with 'super powers' at 30mph would take an hour.. no fun there.   

       Car -> current vehicle; idea is to modify it.
Bcrosby, Aug 31 2008

       I'm sick of people saying, over and over again, "just use your bicycle. While you hippies may have no problem with it, most of the rest of the world doesn't have the option to take any job available within a few miles of home, move that close to their workplace, or sweat through three hours per day of riding a bicycle. What you arrogant pricks fail to realize is that some people live in hilly areas where only the most fit person could use a bike well, some people live in cold places (bicycle through 0 degree sleet: not an option.) Some people have families. (Lets put baby timmy on the handlebars!) Some people have to pick up groceries on the way home, and god forbid, some people have to have vehicles because they can't arrive at work an hour late and soaked in sweat! So give it a rest, hippy.
Voice, Sep 01 2008

       [Voice] You mean my extremely limited career choices, as I'm a rather specialized mechanical engineer? Cold and hilly places, such as upstate New York (and with regards to fit, I weigh just about 280 lbs, I am obese)? The groceries I carry home once to twice a week? I don't have children, but plenty of people who do get them around by bike (trailers, rack mounted child seats). And, surprisingly enough, I don't arrive at work late, because I plan for it, and I arrive with a change of clothes and deodorant, which is sufficent to deal with the sweat.   

       Also, as a cyclist, I'm generally against anything that distracts drivers more than they already are. Oh and, I'm actually against that as a driver, as well.
MechE, Sep 01 2008


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