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When I lived in San Francisco (many years ago) on a Saturday night, Mission Street was taken over by Mexicans with their Low Riders. These cars were amazing, with their tiny steering wheels fashioned from welded chrome chains; their miniature skull topped gear changers and their blazing paint finishes. Most impressive of all were the bouncing low-low riders, as many of these had the ability to leap up and down on the front and rear suspension, using some sort of explosively powerful pneumatics. All of the parading was accompanied by pounding salsa and other Latino action. It was also the time of Mark Pauline's fantastic art machine performances. (worth looking up if you are unaware)

At the time, I did think of combining these two spectacles, but alas had no means of realising such an ambitious outcome, and so it has sat in my notebook until now.

The idea is quite simple: to extend the ability of a low-rider to bounce clear of the road into that of being able to skip with a cable rope. This would involve attaching two external rotating arms to each side of the cars. These arms would grip and whirl the cable skipping rope in an arc, as the car bounced clear of the road in a synchronised movement sequence. The result would be the creation of a Hip-Hop-Cable-Skipping-Low-Rider.

xenzag, Aug 08 2016

Lowrider cars fighting each other! https://www.youtube...watch?v=9bZ-x2HWLx0
watch how high the red car can leap into the air - easily high enough to be able to skip with a rope [xenzag, Aug 08 2016]

Ultra high leaping car https://www.youtube...watch?v=c8lJXhJLNR8
[xenzag, Aug 08 2016]




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