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car commuter workout

tone your legs while you drive
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Basically, adjust the pressure required to engage the clutch/brake/accelerator on a varying basis (think stair stepper). Then, just drive through morning traffic and with each stop/start you get a rep that tones your calves and hamstrings.....

I'm thinking that you can have programmable tension levels that you can map against your average daily commute. ie - each morning you pass 18 stoplights, on the average you have to stop/start for about 7 of these. The "Mt. Everest" challenge would be based around a certain foot/pound ratio that would completely wipe you out after 7 stops/starts with any gratuitous stop/starts acting as warm-downs.

rkw77, Jul 10 2001


       I recommend a 1962 Daimler CCG5 double-decker bus, with Gardner 5LW engine, four-speed non-synchromesh, 'vacuum' brakes and no power steering. I drove one of these suckers for eight years and, boy, was I fit.
angel, Jul 10 2001

       just for the accelerator.... or could be a problem if you needed to stop in a hurry...
RobertKidney, Jul 10 2001

       put a panic button on the steering wheel which turns this off if you need to acc. or dec. quickly.
MuddDog, Jul 10 2001

       I was thinking of exactly this same thing - but there is not reason to confine the mods to the brake. The entire car should be designed so that it is a workout to use. Thighmasters, abdominizers, and the like. Commuters would throw a terry towel over the seat and drive in their sweats, working hard behind the wheel. It would combine the exercise benefits of biking to work with the safety and speed of the big metal box.
bungston, May 31 2005

       // The entire car should be designed so that it is a workout to use.//   

       Like by removing the engine?
dbmag9, Jan 01 2011


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