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Chewing Scissors

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Chewing Scissors are like Pinking Shears, except instead of the regular saw patterned cutting edges, they have replica human teeth.

Carefully engineered interdentation ensures that the top molars slide perfectly across the those located on the bottom "jaw" of the scissors, resulting in an accurately profiled bite being taken out of the material.

Only the front teeth have the cutting action, created by the true overlapping scissors action. The back teeth merely meet each other face to face, so that they can be used to crack nuts or to mimic the gripping function of a pair of pliers.

Uses.... who knows? - but I'd like a pair

xenzag, Dec 29 2009


       If it comes in XXXXXL, it will complement my sasquatch shoes, allowing me to leave bite marks in addition to footprints in the local forest.
swimswim, Dec 29 2009

       Lonely? Cover yourself in love-bites!
DrWorm, Dec 29 2009

       Surely these would use incisors rather than molars.
phoenix, Dec 29 2009

       True, but molars is a sort of generic name.
xenzag, Dec 29 2009

       //Uses.... who knows?   

       Duh, simultaneously cutting through the bone and flesh of your victims.
leinypoo13, Dec 29 2009

       I'd love to sit outside a pub and watch the reactions of people walking past the huge dog turd with a bite taken out of it. Hours of fun.
wagster, Dec 29 2009

       <passerby looks at huge dog turd on the ground>
<...looks up and sees big smile on wagster's face>
<...looks back at dog turd and notices bite marks>
<...looks back at wagster and slowly backs away>
swimswim, Dec 29 2009

       I'd make sure to have a mouthful of chocolate - just to make them run.
wagster, Dec 30 2009

       "True, but molars is a sort of generic name."
Yeah, a generic name for molars.
phoenix, Dec 30 2009

       I think its a cockney term for teeth but I've not heard it in an age. yeah, generic for molars.
po, Dec 30 2009

       //I think its a cockney term for teeth//   

       From molar -> polar -> polar bear -> rare -> rare as a hen's tooth -> tooth
imaginality, Dec 30 2009


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