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Rotary scissors

Turn a crank to cut
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This is a lot like a handheld can opener except instead of a small gear and small blade being turned by a crank, the crank turns two 3 inch pizza cutter type blades. To prevent the user from getting cut, the outer edge of the blades has a polycarbonate (heavy gauge plastic) safety guard. It is as much fun to use as it is easy to use.
non-eatable, Aug 15 2002

Compass Cutter http://www.nyblimp....uperior/compass.htm
If you haven't come across these before, they solve all sorts of problems for circularly challenged grade schoolers. [DrCurry, Aug 15 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Rotary cutters http://shop.store.y.../rotarycutters.html
One blade is sufficient. Much faster than scissors, but generally require a special work surface. [half, Aug 15 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       //easy to use// Maybe I'm not envisioning this right, but they sound more difficult than regular scissors.
Mr Burns, Aug 15 2002

       hey curly, I did not read this; as his wanting to cut circles. the circular thing is the means of cutting. (whats wrong with scissors? if it aint broke blah, blah, blah)
po, Aug 15 2002

       Assuming you want to do more than trim 1mm slices off the edge of a sheet, how do you stop the crank getting in the way of the paper?
st3f, Aug 15 2002

       Rotary cutters abound. But they have only one blade. They work quite well.   

       In a former life I did sheet metal work at an air conditioning business. We used a motorized version of the proposed idea. It was called a "slitter" It was stationary and was very effective in making lengthwise cuts in sheets of galvanized steel.
half, Aug 15 2002

       I am assuming that [ne] is envisaging this working by turning a handle that moves the cutters along. A neater solution would simply be one that you can push along - the rotary cutters cutting merrily as they go.
PeterSilly, Aug 16 2002

       //..generally require a special work surface.//   

Mr Burns, Aug 16 2002

       I could try mounting pizza cutter blades to my handheld can-opener right now and make my idea! I would need a polycarbonate safety shield though. That shouldn't be too hard to make. I also like PeterSilly's idea as well.
non-eatable, Aug 16 2002

       I am still struggling to see why you would need two cutters. One rotary cutter is baked - you get paper trimmers called guillotines or strimmers all over the place - although as [half] linked, you need a base for them.   

       Is what you're looking for basically a portable guillotine?   

       I also can't see why you would want to turn something to turn the cutter. If it's round, it rolls. Let it cut as it rolls.
PeterSilly, Aug 16 2002

       Great idea!
FloridaManatee, Aug 27 2003


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