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Scissor Sac

No more gravity induced messes
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I currently am experiencing the effects of poor lifting and a neglect of post-activity stretching. I can bend about 5 degrees forward and fear that if I fall, I will not be able to get up again and will have to roll for help. Heaven forbid I should need to go through a doorway as my 6'-2" (188cm) frame will not fit through a standard 30" (75cm)interior doorway. Maybe I could pull myself along with my lips. Anyway, since I am currently unable to pick things up off the floor, I devised this scheme until either my muscles relax back out or I die.

Exhibit A: A standard pair of scissors.

Exhibit B: A Ziploc style baggie of preferred size.

Modify the scissors to include small tracks on either side. Modify the bag to have a bead near the opening that can slide through the track. Several inches of the bag protrudes beyond the point of the scissors. This allows the scissors to open to full capacity.

Cut hair and collect all the trimmings! Be sure to have the barber pull out a pinch of hair and drop it down the back of your neck so the experience is complete.

Perfect for scrapbookers. All you scraps will collect neatly into a baggie for future reuse and re-reuse and re-re-reuse.

Easy to collect plant clippings. My fennel stands over 8' (2.5m) tall and scatters seeds every time I clip it. With the scissor sac, I can collect it all in one place!

The uses are unlimited!

bdag, Sep 29 2009




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