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Ketchup Kutter

Opens any condiment packets
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Ever struggled to open a packet of mustard--maybe even used your teeth. This ever-sharp, pac-man-shaped snip (smaller than a dime) fits on your key-chain to give you a lifetime of condiment packet cutting with no mess.
Monty6, Nov 14 2007

Plastic Package Opener http://www.pyranna....R3I8CFReQGgodrA4p7A
Not sure abotu the "no mess" part - we are talking about ketchup here. Or mustard. [DrCurry, Nov 14 2007]

Condiment packet Museum ?? http://www.clearfou...iment/ketchup2.html
eat all you want we'll make more [dentworth, Nov 17 2007]


       nailcutter? +1 welcome to hb.   

       ah! its the *old* Monty (as opposed to the full and other versions)
po, Nov 14 2007

       i like it a lot, a pac-man shaped snipper for my hello kitty keychain
pyggy potamus, Nov 14 2007

       Isn't this the same as a tiny letter opener? They sell a small plastic square a little larger than a stamp that has a angled slot on one side with a razor in it. I think it would work just as well on Ketchup.
MisterQED, Nov 14 2007

       Welcome back or to, as the case may be.   

       I like this idea. I'd like to see some way to use it without having to touch it with my greasy fingers, said greasy fingers being the reason I can't open packets. (No, they aren't always greasy, just when I handle fast food. Well, also when I try to open the flavor and oil packets in the Indonesian version of ramen noodles.)
baconbrain, Nov 14 2007

       I dunno. Just stomping on them always seems to work pretty well for me.
DrCurry, Nov 14 2007

       What on earth is a "condiment packet"? Surely, if the staff are having difficulty in refilling the mustard dish or the salt, it's their concern?
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 14 2007

       Yes...after a brief respite I have returned. You may remember my bar bank and mobile grazer ideas --or not. Any how, ramen noodles use to be quite difficult to open until they added the cut.
Monty6, Nov 17 2007

       Maxwell b where in heck do you live that you never saw a condiment packet?
dentworth, Nov 17 2007

       dent, I believe he was alluding to his affluent, comfortable lifestyle (or lack thereof)
evilpenguin, Nov 17 2007

       //A condiment packet is something, for instance, you open up to cover your wiener.// Good god! Who would have known? Over here we call them "condoms".
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 17 2007

       And they go on your staff.
baconbrain, Nov 17 2007

       Boom boom. As we say to the staff.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 17 2007

       The main problem with packets is they are more plastic than mustard...just too small.
Spacecoyote, Nov 17 2007

       The kutter could also look like a round frog, gator, bear, or other creature and would make a satisfying "click" as it nipped off the corner of your packet.
Monty6, Nov 22 2007


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