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Chicken Skinz

Waste management solution to food outlets who sell skin-free or skin-less chicken meals.
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Chicken skins served seperate from the chicken for consumption. Can be cooked seperately or culled from pre-cooked chicken, such as those used to make chicken rolls.

Supermarket freezer section versions could be individually wrapped in plastic like cheese slices. Ideal for sandwiches.

Spin-offs may include chewy fat shaved off from steaks and other meat.

mrkillboy, Sep 28 2001

Baked (actually fried) http://www.talay.or...r_stuff/sna_05.html
A picture of a big pile of fried chicken skins. Looks a lot like Pork Scratchings. As they say, "not for the weight watcher". [hippo, Sep 28 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       <homer simpson voice> Uhhhhh. chicken skinz. Uhhhhh.... (drool)</homer simpson voice>
snarfyguy, Sep 28 2001

       Like [Rods] said, these seem to be the poultry equivalent of pork scratchings; for our non-UK audience, I quote from a web-service for press editors:
'Pork scratchings, which are quite rare in pubs actually, are dried pork crackling exactly like chicharones but no limejuice to squeeze on them.'
They have been around since Roman times, and taste like it too, although they allegedly make good fishing bait. For some reason, they are becoming popular again in Italy.
angel, Sep 28 2001

       Baked, to a lovely golden, crunchy crisp. See link.
hippo, Sep 28 2001

       Mmm, pork scratchings, the food with added hairs. Perhaps they could leave some feathers on the chicken skins to get the same effect. (Although this would lead to more people cooking chicken without the skin, and everyone knows the only way to give the meat any flavour is to leave it in its little coat.)   

       Damn, forgot I was a vegetarian for a moment there.
pottedstu, Sep 28 2001

       I emphatically do not recommend a combination of spicy chicharones, linguica and Michelob beer in the evening after not having eaten anything at all on a hot day. soooooooooooooowwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeee - Man - My Dad doesn't curse - but 20 years ago I woke up after he turned 2 fans towards my room after opening the door to see if I smelled like herb (back in the day) - only to be met by the most revolting stench ever imagined. I woke up - immediately my eyes lost all moisture and I saw him mouthing "Godddd Daaaaammmmmnn".
thumbwax, Sep 28 2001


       In the US, they're usually called 'Pork Rinds'. Taste sort of like barbecue flavored salt crystals.   

       I have a small bag of them about once a year, just to remind myself that yes, they ARE that disgusting.
StarChaser, Sep 29 2001

       When I were a lad, whenever the family had had roast chicken for tea, I do remember the next day, nibbling on chicken skin pulled from the carcass (kept for making a nice broth... mmm). I still say there are few things tastier than crunchy, fatty, salty, roasted 'Chicken Skinz'. Can't imagine why you don't have more croissants, mrkillboy. Damn health freaks.
Guy Fox, Sep 29 2001

Japanese_Coffee, Jun 28 2003


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