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Vegan Wishbone

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Thanksgiving has a little bit missing for vegans. Tofu Turkeys have *captain obvious strikes again* no bone structure. Thus create a non-animal based wishbone to insert into the turkey shaped tofu dish. It would have to be able to take the head needed to cook the dish. And to keep it from sinking it would need something to hold it in place.
MrDaliLlama, Sep 29 2006

Wishstix http://www.tofurkey...s/tofurkyfeasts.htm
Under Tofurky Feast [nineteenthly, Sep 29 2006]

And here's a picture http://www.flickr.c...or_clanger/1702401/
A vegan wishbone [nineteenthly, Sep 29 2006]

Same idea at "Premises, Premises" (2003) http://www.premises...e.php?premise_id=95
[jutta, Sep 29 2006]

Lucky Break Vegetarian Wishbone http://www.luckybreakwishbone.com/
"Announcing a Revolutionary Advance in Plastic Wishbone Technology". Whoa! I didn't know there *was* Plastic Wishbone Technology. [jutta, Sep 29 2006, last modified Sep 30 2006]


       Hard though this may be to credit, this is actually baked. There is a make of tofu turkey with giblets and a wishbone. I'll try to find a link to it, but honestly, they do exist.
nineteenthly, Sep 29 2006

       So, the "Wishstix" aren't Y-shaped, they're just, you know, sticks. (Or are they X-shaped?) I figured that shape was crucial for the breaking game. How does the ritual work with wishstix?
jutta, Sep 29 2006

       Yes, I can verify, as a vegetarian, that my tofurkey came with some sort of bone structure.. not sure that it had a wishbone though. I think it was more like two fake drumsticks that you had to stick into the ends of the carefully sculpted "legs".   

       I personally am through with all the fake meat stuff... Now I just stand up proudly at Thanksgiving and say "Another round of potatos and broc! Hoo raaaa!"   

       Perhaps the Wishstix are like christmas crackers? Two people pull.. there's an explosion.. someone gets a prize?
ionsfromzion, Sep 30 2006

       /the head needed to cook the dish/   

Galbinus_Caeli, Sep 30 2006

       I first encountered fake meats at a dinner with folks who were vegetarians for religious reasons. I carelessly asked if "lusting in your heart" for meat was as big a sin as actually eating meat.
baconbrain, Sep 30 2006

       I have to quote this from 'Friends':   

       Vegetarians never get to do the wishbone. It's really not fair, either. Just because we don't eat the meat doesn't mean we don't like to play with the carcasses.
nineteenthly, Oct 01 2006


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