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Child's Pot Lighter

A temperature-controlled thermal radiation emitting child-friendly lighter
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Allowing young children access to the common cigarette lighter is dangerous and irresponsible parenting...

...but having to light their joint/pipe/bong every time they want to get high is a real pain in the ass.

Hence: The Child's Pot Lighter!

With a push of its little-fingers friendly ignition switch, current is passed through a nichrome wire positioned at the bottom of a short, cylindrical, ceramic housing. Sensors at the tip of the housing interrupt current when temperatures exceed 390 degrees Fahrenheit.

This allows the little tyke sufficient thermal energy to vaporize the THC in his dope, but not enough to carelessly set fire to your home.

MikeD, Oct 18 2011

vaporizer http://marijuanavaporizer.com/
[xandram, Oct 18 2011]

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Shear uninventive laziness I say... their need for a childproof lighter of course, not this idea.
They can just learn to do hot-knives off the furnace pilot light like us normal kids had to.

       I mean, seriously, pretty soon nobody will remember how to do *anything* from scratch anymore...   

       Okay, so this IS what I thought it was. Ironic, at the moment...
Alterother, Oct 18 2011

       ...just buy him a vaporizer [see link].
xandram, Oct 18 2011

       //just buy him a vaporizer//   

       Yes, but "vaporizer" doesn't look anything like "Child Spotlighter".
MikeD, Oct 18 2011

       //just buy him a vaporizer//   

       Yes, but "vaporizer" doesn't look anything like "Child Spotlighter".
MikeD, Oct 18 2011


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