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Church of the Peacemakers

"...for they shall be called the children of God." - Yeshua ben Yusef
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This is a church for pacifists for whom the Quakers might be too structureless and the Mennonites too strict. It could exist in one of two forms (or maybe both: a specifically Christian denomination ("Church of Christ the Peacemaker") or a more ecumenical/universalist form. Readings at services would in either case be drawn from a wide range of peacemakers throughout history - Christ, Gandhi, King, Peace Pilgrim, etc. etc. Individual churches would also offer training to the public in conflict resolution, as well as mediation services and shelter for victims of domestic violence.
smendler, Apr 27 2013


       // This is a church for pacifists //   

       Drawing strictly from the texts that they all seem to espouse so vociferously, shouldn't they all be pacifists? [+]
Alterother, Apr 27 2013

       //two forms// whose adherents hate each other and wage a vicious sectarian war lasting generations.
pocmloc, Apr 27 2013

       //children of God   

       Typical, Child Support Agency not lifting a finger etc..   

       <OMPR>blessed are the cheesemakers?</O>
not_morrison_rm, Apr 27 2013


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