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Chocolate-filled bumblebees

Possibly with jam centres.
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MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 13 2015

Close http://www.bigredki...vered-strawberries/
[pocmloc, Apr 14 2015]

Also... http://www.johnandk...s/Ladybugs-Bees-9pc
[pocmloc, Apr 14 2015]

Bee chocolates http://www.candysto...-9cQCFSJk7Aodgm0AkQ
[xandram, Apr 14 2015]

more bees http://www.chocolat...te-bumble-bees.html
[xandram, Apr 14 2015]

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       M'lord, you should bestir yourself - a trip abroad, or perhaps savage the stock market again. Even spend some time in the laboratory - anything but this pointless sulking. You do yourself no good and it worries the staff so. Restocking the liquor cabinet is wearing on them, with all those trips to the cellar every day.
normzone, Apr 13 2015

       You're walking a fine line between idea and recipe. Nevertheless, bun (if they're not actual insects) and bun (but I would never eat them) if they are.   

       Also what [normzone] said. Take a risk. Sell off your estate in Africa, you never hunted there anyway. Use the money to buy a yacht that you'll actually use as opposed to that hulking monstrosity you bought on a bender three years ago. Get out there and do some fishing.
Voice, Apr 13 2015

       I can see the marketing material already...   

       "A far tastier alternative to bumble-bee filled chocolates."
zen_tom, Apr 14 2015

       Sweetest sting.
LimpNotes, Apr 14 2015

       This fluid chocolate fanged spider is a great idea. You could bypass the bumblebees and get your own bitter chocolaty bite.
wjt, Apr 14 2015

       //your own bitter chocolaty bite.//

Hmmm? Does this mean the chocolate is bitter or the biter is bitter? Or maybe the bitter biter bidder?
LimpNotes, Apr 14 2015

       Have you noticed the extent to which chocolate has taken over the cereal aisle lately? Even the old-standard remotely-healthy Cheerios has 2 different chocolate varieties.   

       It's only a matter of time before chocolate becomes both ubiquitous and forgotten, like air.
RayfordSteele, Apr 14 2015

       This could be dangerous for those dogs that shoot bees from their mouths when they bark. Because they would be tempted.
bungston, Apr 14 2015

       Now you've done it.   

       You set a poor example with this post, and now [Seneca], eager to reach a level of importance similar to your own, is going to spam the 'bakery with tripe such as Find My CAR and Teleportation.   

       We're in for another wave, folks. Batten down the hatches and launch the MFDs.
normzone, Apr 14 2015


       Well, if [Seneca] reaches my level of importance, it will serve him/her right. I am one of life's negative controls.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 14 2015


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