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Chocolate Diamonds

Another shape I don't recall seeing.
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Real diamonds are kind-of expensive. But you want to give one, and you want it to be appreciated. Thus, how about a solid block of chocolate carved into the shape of a brilliant-cut diamond?

Here's some useful conversion factor information:

The "grain" is an ancient unit, based on the weight of a grain of wheat, which we can assume is an average. The grain is the smallest unit of weight in the avoirdupois, troy, and apothecaries systems, and is the same value in all of them.

4 grains = 1 carat
480 grains = 1 troy ounce
5760 grains = 1 troy pound
437.5 grains = 1 ounce avoirdupois
7000 grains = 1 pound avoirdupois

For the metrically inclined:
15.432 grains = 1 gram

Returning the focus to diamonds:
120 carats = 1 troy ounce
That's also a bit more than 31 grams
12 troy ounces = 1 troy pound
That's also about 373 grams

1 avoirdupois pound = 454 grams
That's also 16 avoirdupois ounces
1 avoirdupois ounce is about 28 1/3 grams

I think a one-troy-ounce, or 120-carat chocolate diamond could be a pretty interesting gift. What could make it even more interesting is if you added cherries. Why? Because just about EVERY product that has cherries in it also comes with a warning, basically, "Look out for pits!" Which means you could safely bury a real diamond in that chocolate...for the most interesting gift of all.

Vernon, Dec 12 2007

Ring Pops http://www.oldtimecandy.com/ring-pops.htm
Candy Gemstones [Noexit, Dec 12 2007]

Peanut butter diamonds http://news.bbc.co....nd_east/6244778.stm
If diamonds can bemade from peanut butter, maybe they can be made from chocolate ... [8th of 7, Dec 12 2007]

The molds exists.... http://www.nextag.c...2700418zB6z5---html
...so must the chocolates. Baked. [Giblet, Dec 14 2007]

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       Diamonds are not expensive, they just cost a lot of money. And + a lot of people will apreciate such a gift, I know I would!
zeno, Dec 12 2007

       [Vernon]. You've outdone yourself.
Jinbish, Dec 12 2007

       Is this baked by the candy rings that we all had when we were kids?
Noexit, Dec 12 2007

       Actually, the real invention here might be called, "chocolate covered diamonds", but I didn't want the blob-shape that you get, if ALL you do is cover the diamond in chocolate. So I started writing about shaped chocolate, and proceeded from there.
Vernon, Dec 12 2007

       [custard], you are NOT supposed to try to chew a diamond added to the chocolate. And a diamond should only be added when cherries are also added. Then the warning to watch out for pits means the person receiving this gift can be pleasantly, rather than unpleasantly, surprised, when it is discovered what the presumed "pit" really is.
Vernon, Dec 14 2007

       Who you callin "Gluttonous"? I see law suits a plenty when the teeth get chipped from the diamond that used to be a cherry. (A hefty settlement would make that diamond look like an old chewed up pit, kind of).
blissmiss, Dec 14 2007

       Apparently, Russian scientists have found a method of depositing chocolate vapour on a "seed crystal" in a low-pressure chamber. Although these synthetic chocolate diamonds can fool even the experienced eye, they are always a little "too perfect", lacking the flaws and inclusions of the genuine article.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 14 2007


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