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circular Toblerone
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Coglerone takes the traditional Toblerone bar as its starting point, then developes this into a circular form. This results in the creation of a type of cogwheel, with the chocolate teeth all facing outwards, and a hollow space in the middle.

Combining a Coglerone with a regular Toblerone generates a chocolate rack and pinion arrangement. This has no practical use whatsoever, other than to create a mess of chocolate dust and fragments, but may suggest an idea for a more complex device composed entirely of chocolate moving parts, that rapidly self destructs when activated.

xenzag, Feb 14 2016

And eventually, a whole motor https://www.youtube...watch?v=NwBE1l6QexU
[Voice, Feb 14 2016]

Ferrero Rocher, not Toblerone https://gfycat.com/YoungFancyGartersnake
[ytk, Feb 15 2016]

Toeblerone https://picasaweb.g...6251904490683101682
for those who like to suck their toes [xenzag, Feb 16 2016]


       Chocolate-structured machinery makes perfect sense in a confectionery. Machinery becomes its own lubricant when warm, and when it ultimately fails it would add to the overall taste experience of whatever is being confected. +
whatrock, Feb 14 2016

       Q: Why are Toblerone bars shaped the way they are?   

       A: To fit into the box.
AusCan531, Feb 14 2016

       Cogswell Cogs and Spacely Sprockets - both companies in the future world of the Jetsons. Is a chocolate hovercraft in your future George ?
popbottle, Feb 14 2016

       This already exists… sort of. [link]
ytk, Feb 15 2016

       If you made the chocolate teeth all face inwards it would be a Tube-lerone.   

blissmiss, Feb 15 2016

       If it was large and flat it would be a Table-rone.   

       If it could hold water it would be a Tublerone.   

       If you could write on it, it would be a Tab-lerone
Voice, Feb 15 2016

       ^If they came in pairs they would be Toblertwo.
AusCan531, Feb 15 2016

       Toeblerone - did some time ago (last link)
xenzag, Feb 16 2016


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