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Chocolate Turkeys

Because there are Chocolate Santas, Chocolate Bunnies, ...
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See above.
Vernon, Nov 22 2007

Chocolate turkey centerpiece http://www.lakecham...te-Centerpiece.aspx
[jutta, Nov 22 2007]

Chocolate turkey http://chocolates.tripod.com/thanks.html
[jutta, Nov 22 2007]

Chocolate turkey http://www.chocolat...k-chocolate-turkey/
That's a turkey? [jutta, Nov 22 2007]

Foil-wrapped chocolate turkey http://www.nostalgi...VIEWPROD&ProdID=939
[jutta, Nov 22 2007]

Thanksgiving Chocolate Turkey http://www.amazon.c...olate/dp/B000YOS27K
[jutta, Nov 22 2007]

Best sculptural chocolate idea on the Halfbakery White_20Chocolate_2...d_20Cherry_20Center
[hippo, Nov 22 2007]


       Pretty obvious, isn't it? Even the widely available retailer "Godiva" had a chocolate turkey in their program - for some inexplicable reason, they're sold out right now...
jutta, Nov 22 2007

       I dunno; I walked into a store today and mentioned to some salespersons that I don't recall seeing chocolate turkeys, the way everyone recalls seeing all those other chocolate shapes for various holidays, and they agreed. So, off to the HalfBakery!   

       I'm therefore not surprised that they actually exist. I just wonder why they don't seem to be common.   

       Perhaps it has something to do with the proximity to Halloween, and all that candy indulgence. [jutta], feel free to give this the mark of deletion, if you wish.
Vernon, Nov 22 2007

       But a bun for brevity.
normzone, Nov 22 2007

       I think they are uncommon because they are not as attractive an idea as other chocolate figurines. A chocolate Santa is OK because nobody knows what a real Santa tastes like. A chocolate bunny is OK because few people eat rabbit. But a chocolate turkey would just be odd - bit like a chocolate pork chop.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 22 2007

       Tastes like chicken.   

       What [MaxB] said.
baconbrain, Nov 22 2007

       //I just wonder why they don't seem to be common.//   

       Because we already have pie for Thanksgiving. mmm...pie.
Noexit, Nov 23 2007


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