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Han Solo Chocolate Bars

Frozen Carbonite Bars of Goodness
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Imagine chocolate bars with the shape of Han Solo frozen in carbonite, grimaced expression and humourous 'sticking out hands and feet' included. Every bite is like a ganglords redemption against lazy smugglers who drop their cargo at the first sign of an imperial warship.

Of course, you'd have to get around the red tape, star wars license and harrison ford law suits.

I call them 'Harrison Solo Frozen Chocobars'.

jamontoast, May 05 2004

(?) For those who haven't seen Star Wars. http://www.ketzer.c...n_In_Carbonite.html
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Oct 04 2004]

B.I.Y. http://www.instruct...ite-chocolate-bar!/
chocolate yum yum bar! [jaksplat, Feb 25 2008]

Exactly so. http://www.rv7blog....rozen-in-chocolate/
[MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 02 2008]


       I think they should have one side covered in plain chocolate and the other covered in white chocolate.
hippo, May 05 2004

       Surely with raspberry filling, except for the chest which is marshmallow...and the head, which is blueberry filling...euuuuwwww!
timbeau, May 05 2004

       I imagine Han as having a liqeuer (sp?) filling. He's just that kinda guy. And most of the people who know who he is are over drinking age. Modern kids are worryingly ignorant of the classics.
spacemoggy, May 05 2004

       I could swear these existed.
waugsqueke, May 05 2004

       what about a croissant with Jabba the Huts face on one end?
etherman, May 05 2004

       what about a croissant with Jabba the Huts face on one end? Filled with melted cheese.
etherman, May 05 2004

       Sort of like Pizza the Hut?
RobertKidney, May 05 2004

       Ha. A product tie-in only, what, 25 years too late...but croissant anyway.
DrCurry, May 05 2004

       //mmmmmmm. Princess Leia shaped custard bars......// princess leia shaped anything mmmmmm
etherman, May 05 2004

       mmmm...Lucas shaped chocolate mmm.. oh wait. Ughh.. ughh. .. water please.
etherman, May 05 2004

       SPOILER!!! In episode 3, someone else gets frozen in carbonite just so they can market these chocolate bars!!!   

       100% fact.
jamontoast, May 05 2004

       I think you're BSing, but I look forward to it anyway.
Eugene, May 05 2004

       If you heated it up, would a little Han Solo pop out?
DesertFox, May 05 2004

       i'll put a warning:   

       "WARNING: microwaving does not result in the freeing of harison ford, nor will you get away with it, bantha fodder, HO HO HO HO HA HA HA HA neekaa chee daww wannaa SOLO HO HO HO HO HO"
jamontoast, May 05 2004

       if it had caramel inside it would be a solo rolo!
etherman, May 06 2004

       Ee chu ta! +
sartep, May 06 2004

       This is a great idea, but I would personally prefer Chewbacca chocolate bars. They'd be crunchy on the outside, and Chewie on the inside.
cpt kangarooski, May 06 2004

       I'm sure I remember these. 5p they cost a long long time ago
sufc, May 06 2004

jamontoast, May 07 2004

       If you move it quickly up and down it's a Han Shake.
tchaikovsky, May 07 2004

       they could make a cookie with Chewie on the side and call it a "Wookie Cookie"
Weirdo55, May 08 2004

       Or mints. Han Polo, anyone?
lostdog, May 08 2004

       //they could make a cookie with Chewie on the side and call it a "Wookie Cookie"//   

       Would these cookies be crispy, or crunchy?
Size_Mick, May 08 2004

       [Size_Mick] They would be Chewie. creative name, by the way.
Weirdo55, May 09 2004


       You may be the first person ever to figure it out without being told!   

       At least, of anyone who's ever said anything to me about it :)
Size_Mick, May 09 2004

       Yeah. we know... 'seismic'. Brilliant.
waugsqueke, May 09 2004

       Wookie cookies are baked. Actually, they're programed. One of the Star Wars sites you go on puts a internet 'cookie' on your computer. They cleverly named it the Wookie Cookie. Heh. +, by the way.
ghillie, May 09 2004

       i had this idea once, then forgot it. thanks for reminding me. (+) great idea by the way.
jaksplat, Dec 18 2004

       Bizarrely, this idea was on a page linked from "Poor man's rivet sorter." <link>
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 02 2008


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