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the chocolate bar selection that looks like an iPhone
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iChoc looks like an iPhone - hence the name.

The big difference is of course that iChoc is made of chocolate with the screen "apps" naturally making up the individually wrapped squares of chocolate. Each square is lightly attached to its adjacent partner, and held in place with the wrapper. Each icon corresponds to a different flavour.

There are more than 50,000 apps for the iPhone, but there are only about 100 "core" applications that have been translated into flavours.

This still means that there are thousands of potential variations to each iChoc. The idea is that you can order any permutation of icons, and therefore flavours, to suit your taste or that of the intended recipient, making each iChoc unique.

xenzag, Nov 27 2009


       Mmm... Strawberry Safari.
DrWorm, Nov 27 2009

       Oooh, chocolate ..... [+]
8th of 7, Nov 27 2009

       you had me at apps.
neo_, Nov 28 2009


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