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Chocolate and nuts mixer

Weigh out nuts and chocolate
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This device would contain two hoppers and a small bowl. One hopper could be filled with any reasonably sized nut. The other hopper with any reasonably sized chunks, bits, chips, or candies of chocolate. Upon a lever being pressed a user specified weight of each commodity would be poured into the bowl.

This would allow the user to have enough chocolate to balance out any brazil nut or walnut in each bite. It would also allow easy mixing of larger quantities.

Later versions can include other commonly combined foods.

Voice, May 20 2013

You can use my method here. Made_20In_20Mouth
[xandram, May 22 2013]


       What differentiates this idea from a blender, or a bag of trail mix?
Madai, May 23 2013

       //What differentiates this idea from a blender, or a bag of trail mix?//   

       It's far less practical (+)
erenjay, May 24 2013


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