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Choo Choo Cup

Empty it for an added thrill.
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It may appear to be an ordinary, large coffee cup, but its bottom is a circular LCD covering a battery and electronics. Upon finishing the beverage and pressing the forehead against the rim switch (also available in left hand models), an exciting film clip is started. The user is free to add sound effects.

Customer testimonials:

“I was pleasantly surprised at the realistic image that appeared as I drank the last drops. What looked like a light at the end of a dark tunnel, turned out to be, of course, an approaching train. My ‘Whoo-ooo, Choo choo choo choo’ echoed in the cup as the locomotive came nearer and nearer, with increasing speed. As the engine seemed to fill the tunnel, I screamed, ‘Whoo-OOO!’” – Dick Moby

“We like to leave a little tea in the bottom when starting a virtual dive into the dark, reef cave. We never tire of watching the stirring of the green ogre that draws nearer with its monstrous mouth opening and closing. We’re wedged in the coral, and our shouts for help are only bubbles, as the ugly, moray eel strikes. The cup is so easy to wash, too.” – Karamazov Brothers

“Going into the den is best. As my eyes adjust to the darkness, I can make out an awakened, mother, grizzly bear and her cubs. Though sluggish at first, she becomes quite angry at my presence and rises up, filling the cavern. I try to retreat quickly, but the great bear charges and swings at my face with five-inch claws. My blood curdling shrieks usually cause heads to pop up from neighboring cubicles, but I just smile back, with tears running down my cheeks.” – Pan Tai

FarmerJohn, Feb 20 2003


       There is something decidedly wrong with that coffee.
jurist, Feb 20 2003

       hehehe (+) fffftp-fffftp-fffftp...
Shz, Feb 20 2003

waugsqueke, Feb 20 2003

       When Harry Met Sally comes to mind: "I'll have what she's having..."   

       Obvious knock-offs, the choo-choo sippy cup, to encourage kids to finish their milk, and the beer mug. Although that one's been quarterbaked somewheres.   

       Now you need a way to cover that embarrasing 'coffee-cup forhead.'
RayfordSteele, Feb 20 2003

       "So I pressed my forehead against the rim, and didn't see anything at first. But before long, I could see little flashes of light at the upper edge. Eventually I came to realize I was looking up from the bottom of a coffee cup full of coffee, as it was being consumed. The view of swirling coffee, an upper lip, and straight into the drinker's nostrils was not really the most appealing sight, but imagine my surprise, when the coffee was finally all gone, and I saw the drinker press the cup against her forehead and stare back at me!" - Millie van Nilly
beauxeault, Feb 20 2003

       "My God, it's full of stars..."
snarfyguy, Feb 20 2003

       "So I pressed my forehead against the rim, and didn't see anything at first. But before long I could see a man approach, glaring flourescent lights over his shoulder. Just to the right and behind him is a bank of barely mirrored metal cabinets and a small row of sinks. As he approaches closer, he pauses just long enough to unzip his trousers and pull down the waistband of his jockies..."
RMNixon, Feb 20 2003

       -reensure, Feb 20 2003   

       (added later) damn it, now it's changed.
Worldgineer, Feb 20 2003

       Look, it's Juan Valdez.   

       I'm neutral on the idea due to its impracticality, but positive on your prose. croissant.
ImBack, Feb 26 2003

       I can see it now... walking through my office seeing all my employees with their heads on their coffee cups making strange sound effects...
Rain, Nov 12 2003


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