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Coffee mugg

"Hey, that's my mugg!"
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Send us a front and side photograph of your head or the head of someone you know...heck, send us pictures of your dogs' head, or your boss if that's your thing.

These images will be scanned and converted to a three dimensional image and a digital caricature will then be rendered.

Rapid prototyping of this caricature will then create a mold that will let us produce a ceramic mug with the cartoon head of your choice.

Then hand painted, this one of a kind, personalized hot beverage conveyance facilitator is yours for four low low payments of $49.95 for the first mug plus shipping and handling, taxes extra, interest on balance compounded weekly.

Subsequent mugs may be ordered for only $29.95 EACH!
Ask yourself this.
Can you afford not to?

(?) mutt mugs http://mightyillusi.../cups-illusion.html
I've got one of these and I love it [xenzag, Jan 20 2007]

(?) single photo face mesh generation http://www.facegen.com/
You don't need front and side photos anymore! And they have a free download you can play with... [m_Al_com, Jan 22 2007]


       Toby or not Toby, that is the question... [+] Fine idea; in fact, it's more than fine - it's mugnificent.
imaginality, Jan 20 2007

       2 fries - you're going to jump up and down when you see the link [+] for your variation on the mass produced version.   

       Loads of other great illusions on this blog - just found it today.
xenzag, Jan 20 2007

       +....half price for a cat?
xandram, Jan 20 2007

       Interesting idea, but I'm thinking you're gonna have to charge more than $50 a pop to make any money on this.
DrCurry, Jan 20 2007

       Bordering on the inevitable. [+]
daseva, Jan 20 2007

       For four low low payments...   

       I can't believe that someones already doing this with dog muggs.   


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